Phentramin-D: The Breakthrough Diet Pill That’s Taking 2016 By Storm!

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With its brand new updated formula for 2016, it still remains the force to be reckoned with among the top diet pills on the market.

Can This Really Be The Last Diet Pill You Will Ever Need to Buy? Find out the truth in this featured no holds barred review!

Phentramin Pharmaceutical Grade Weight Loss Pills

UPDATE FOR 2016: Phentramin-d has been updated and now contains 2 AWESOME NEW ingredients.

In addition to 1,3,7-Trimethylxanthine, this potent fat burner now boasts a serious combination of Synephrine Hydrochloride, 2-Phenylethylamine (PEA) and Hordenine, along with the brand new addition of Yohimbine HCL, which has been touted as “one of the most potent legal fat burners available without a prescription” by weight loss authorities.

The addition of these new ingredients further backs  up the fact that this is one of the most progressive weight loss formulas available without a prescription. We think that this was a great move by Lazarus Labs and commend them on the decision to take this product to the next level!

Are You Ready for a HUGE Change?


Learn How Powerful Ingredients Inspire Quick, Reliable Weight Loss

Everyone wants a beautiful body, but some people just don’t have the support that they need to get thin and to feel “easy in their own skin”.

If you’re interested in being your best self by achieving your ideal weight, you’ve probably suffered through lots of crazy fad diets, tedious meal plans, and tiring exercise regimes.

Chances are good that any weight that you managed to lose was regained quickly, leaving you behind the eight ball once more.

Sticking to diet and fitness plans just isn’t easy, and failing at weight loss takes an emotional toll. People who haven’t “been there” don’t really understand how hard it is.

Healthy Weight = Healthy Self Esteem

celebrity fitnessFor many men and women, being heavy is really demoralizing and depressing. In fact, a poor body image that is fueled by excess pounds may lower self-esteem to rock bottom.

After all, everywhere that you look, Hollywood celebs and models flaunt tight, lean, impossibly sexy bodies that don’t seem to have an ounce of spare fat.

You may wonder how these men and women manage to maintain strict diets and exercise plans every day, without ever falling off of the wagon. You may even curse genetics for giving you a sluggish metabolism and a great big appetite.

The next time that you see these hot celebs in their body-conscious clothes, remember that they may have diet secrets that you know nothing about.

Phentramin-d: The Secret Weapon

Users will agree that this is one of the best appetite suppressants that works by helping to reduce your urge to nosh. It may even help to boost your body’s resting metabolic rate, making it much easier to burn off calories, even when you’re not moving around much.

If you’ve ever wished that you had the fast metabolism of a naturally thin person, you should know that the best over the counter diet supplements may create the ideal metabolic rate for easy, rapid weight loss, while also quelling hunger in a major way.

So let’s take a look at what users are saying about this top rated diet pill…

What are Real Users Saying?

customer opinionsAs they say, the proof is always in the pudding… or the pill!

So let’s take a look at some of the Phentramin-d customer reviews that were taken right from the Official Website.

Now you must take into account that these are not even the BEST user reviews out there either.

There are so many more success stories that make some pretty bold claims to the amount of weight that you can lose in only a couple weeks but you’ll have to visit the Official Lazarus Labs Website to check them out…

Real Customer Reviews

All of the Following Reviews Were Quoted from

Works Like Magic

I took only one bottle, sometime I only took it once a day because it really helped with making me not eat lot thru out the day. I def. would rec. this to anyone trying to lose weight.” Samantha

Greatest Pill Ever

I’ve tried so many pills before but nothing has ever worked for me like these ones!! This is the greatest pill ever!! It reduces your hunger and gives you the will power to reduce your portions…” Unknown

Amazing Results

everyone at work noticed my face and body getting smaller i noticed it in my clothes and my stomach disappeared so yes it works…” Isabel

So Far So Good !!!!!

I did not think this was gonna be the real deal when I looked it up but after I received it it has been working for me” Vicky

Awesome So Far!!

I tried getting a prescription with no luck but after reading the side effects of phentermine I’m glad I chose this product. My main problem is portion control and this product is definitely helping my encouragement to stay on track!” one day at a time

Click Here to Read More Reviews on the Official Website!

Dual Action Weight Loss

lean out quickAccording to many customer reviews, this two-prong approach to provoking simple, painless weight loss can work wonders, because it may allow the body to burn off excess belly fat in just weeks.

In fact, some consumer reviews report that when you use this fat burner for just a few days, you may start to notice that you’re “leaning out”…this means that the beautiful bone structure that’s been hidden by fat will begin to emerge, highlighting your unique natural beauty or handsomeness.

If you’d love to see defined cheekbones, prominent hip bones, and lean limbs, you’ll find that this product may even seem like a modern weight loss miracle!

A total body metamorphosis can occur because of the powerful ingredients. These active ingredients are scientifically proven to change your appetite and metabolic rate for the better, from the inside out.

The Truth is, there is no Scam…

A few online negative reviews claim that the product is a scam, and that this supplement really doesn’t deliver. However, chances are good that these aren’t “real” reviews and were written by business rivals with an axe to grind.

The truth is that the ingredients are 100% pure Pharmaceutical Grade and are far from the herbs that are used in most other “snake oil” weight loss formulas.

If you want a leader in weight loss, you need to know that this supplement offers the support that you need to become the person that you’ve always dreamed of being.

With this potent fat burner and appetite suppressant on your side, weight loss is now more possible than ever. In fact, it’s a given…

Forgive Yourself for Your Diet Failures

diet pills that workNow that you know how plenty of “naturally” thin people keep their bodies honed, sculpted and trim, it’s important to forgive yourself for all of your former diet failures. After all, it’s tough to lose weight, and it’s even harder to keep it off.

When life gets busy, reaching for yummy treats may feel like instant comfort, and exercising may seem like one more chore, on a par with doing the laundry or mopping the floors, or anything else that doesn’t exactly thrill you.

Technology Provides a Better Option…

For people like you, who try and try again to get rid of extra weight, only to end up disappointed and downcast, there are other options. When you choose a weight loss product with the right active ingredients, it will be possible to finally lose the weight and to keep it off for the long term.

In fact, with the proper diet and training program, it’s actually possible to get the sort of “celebrity sexiness” that you see on TV, at the movies, and in the pages of your favorite fashion magazines.

In order to get a handle on how this product differs from the rest, you need to learn how it really works. You don’t need to be a scientist to figure it all out though, because it’s really very simple…

A Quick Guide to the Science of Phentramin-d

We’ve checked out the new and improved lineup of ingredients in fine detail, looking for pharmacological compounds that are scientifically proven to trigger significant loss of appetite and a faster metabolism.

Created by Lazarus Labs, this has been recently updated with an all new state of the art formulation containing 198mg* of 1,3,7-Trimethylxanthine, 2-Phenylethylamine (PEA), Hordenine HCL, Synephrine HCL and finally Yohimbine HCL.

This product’s key ingredients have been know to help:

  • Raise The Body’s Metabolic Rate
  • Boost Energy And Vitality
  • Provoke Faster Weight Loss
  • Suppress The Appetite

By mimicking norepinephrine (a powerful hormone and neurotransmitter), these active ingredients may offer all of the benefits of the most potent, by- prescription-only diet pills, without the dangerous side effects (such as blurred vision and gastrointestinal distress).

Since 1,3,7-Trimethylxanthine, 2-Phenylethylamine (PEA), Hordenine, Synephrine HCL and Yohimbine HCL all suggest the ability to change the way that the body processes energy (calories), while also dulling the appetite, these ingredients can be ultra-effective.

Luckily, unlike prescription diet pills, they are also safe and gentle on your system.

Are There any “Bad” Reviews?

Absolutely no weight loss product on earth is going to go the distance without some type of “negative” reviews. But first off, let’s make it clear that Lazarus Labs is a member of the Better Business Bureau and has an A+ Rating, so you can be assured that the company has a reputation that you can trust.

Lazarus Labs Better Business Rating

So anyone who reports something to the extent of…

I took Phentramin-d and it did absolutely nothing

…is simply venting their frustration in their own lack of effort. The truth is, there is no magic pill that is going to let you eat and drink anything that you want and still lose weight.

Not even the strongest prescription diet pills on the planet will allow you to do this. So losing weight with this diet pill will require some effort on your part.

With that being said, some consumers have reported an “adjustment” period to the product that your body might go through when starting out. If you don’t currently use any type of product that contains caffeine, you may experience restlessness or have trouble falling asleep, especially if you take the pills late in the day.

According to one review, the user experienced a “dizzy feeling” the first day, which subsided after their body adjusted to it. Some users have reported slight indigestion and heartburn during the initial adjustment period.

The Positives and Negatives (Good and the Bad)

Here is an overview of the good points and bad points of this weight loss supplement:

Pros (Positive):

  • Contains powerful ingredients you won’t find in any other “natural” diet pill
  • May help to suppress even the heartiest appetite
  • May help to stimulate your metabolic rate to burn even more calories
  • Helps increase energy levels for better workouts and more productivity

Cons (Negative):

  • You may experience an “adjustment” period when starting the product
  • May cause insomnia if taken late in the day
  • May cause “dry mouth” so you need to stay well hydrated
  • Some users reported heartburn-like symptoms

Get It Now With No Prescription!

Phentramin-d tablets and capsules are available without a prescription, so it’s now possible to lose weight by ordering the product online.

Affordable and dependable, this weight loss supplement is potent enough to help you lose five to ten pounds in just a few weeks, and the benefits will keep coming as long as you are dedicated to a proper weight loss program.

Now that you know the secret of effective weight loss that doesn’t require deprivation diets and endless workouts, isn’t it time to test out this highly-rated product for yourself?


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To Your Weight Loss Success!


P.S. Don’t take our word for it, be sure to stop by the Official Website from Lazarus Labs and read the amazing customer reviews for yourself!

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