4 Top Fat Burning Miracle Foods For Easy Dieting!

Fat Burning Foods Legumes

When trying to slim down, the diet aspect of the weight loss equation is usually the toughest part of them all.

Diets more than likely entail cutting back on overall calories and cutting out all of your favorite fattening foods.

This is why so many people are always searching for miracle foods that they can eat to fill-up and still burn fat at the same time.

To some people, finding these Holy Grail foods to get the job done may be something that seems next to impossible to accomplish.

However, there has been research conducted that shows evidence these miracle fat melting foods actually exist.

In the tests, subjects eating certain types of fat burning foods that made them lose more weight than the subjects who did not eat these particular foods did so with all of the other variables maintained.

So in this article, we are going to take a close look at 5 fat burning foods that you can eat to fill up and still lose fat at the same time.

1. Legumes

Most people get their proteins from a few primary sources including whey protein and casein protein from supplement powders, plus egg protein from egg whites.

But there is a lesser known source of muscle building protein that comes from one of the fat burning foods on our list today; beans.

And besides being good sources of protein, beans are also loaded with fiber as well, which makes them excellent for dieters who are trying to control their hunger.

Generally, beans are not that easy to digest because of their fiber content, so people may find it a little difficult and heavy for their digestive system.

This is why it is a good idea to ease-in when adding beans to your routine and working your way up after your stomach gets acclimated.

Now, digesting beans may take a little bit longer time, but this is actually really good for the body because it can maintain more stable and a regular blood sugar levels that keeps you feeling full longer than usual.

And the magic power of beans happens all because of the rich fiber content that they contain, making the digestive system work to its fullest and keeping your hunger satiated.

Beans also keep the flow of blood sugar into the blood stream more regular so you do not have to worry about blood sugar spikes, which lead to fat storage.

Just make sure that you are eating some type of “plain” beans which do not contain any other types of added ingredients.

Beans that are glazed with some type of sugar or syrup adds more calories and therefore will add more weight onto your body, which defeats the purpose of eating them in the first place.

2. Low-Fat Dairy

The second item on our list of miracle weight loss foods is low-fat dairy.

Dieters often include calcium from dairy sources in their diet because dairy has been proven to aid the metabolic processes of the body and enhance weight loss. [1]

There have been studies that prove the effects of calcium in losing weight. [2]

Two groups have been used as test subjects when the researches were conducted.

Both groups were given the same things but one was given more servings of calcium every day.

Results of the studies indicated that the group who received the additional calcium intake lost weight almost thrice than the other group who were not given calcium.

You can also get your calcium from other foods like broccoli although you can get more from dairy products.

You may choose foods that contain about 1-2% fats or they may get fat-free milk instead.

These foods provide good amounts of calcium but with the lowest calorie contents.

3. Green Tea

Another way to burn fat through miracle fat loss foods may be attained by drinking green tea.

Green tea contains lots of antioxidants that help the body to fight against the oxidative effects of free radicals and may also help reduce the risk of developing certain forms cancer.

Although green tea contains caffeine, the amount is just enough to boost the heart rate and to aid the body’s metabolism without causing too much stress on the health of the body.

Green tea is also classified as a mild diuretic, which can help you to flush retained fluids out of your body for even greater weight loss.

Studies also show that green tea can boost metabolism to help in the burning of stored fat, which is why so many people turn to green tea supplements to help them lose weight.

However, when it comes to the herbal tea itself, you must drink about 4 to 6 cups of it each day in order to see positive effects, especially on losing weight.

This is another reason why people turn to the supplement form, especially the standardized extract.

4. Water

You may not know it’s really possible, but you can burn actually fat through something as simple as water.

Although it really does not give any nutrients, it’s needed by the body and it helps you to slim down.

Water also dilutes sodium, helping you to feel full and not overeat.

Water is also beneficial for overall health because it can promote proper and efficient functioning of the various metabolic processes.

Water helps the kidneys in the filtration of toxic materials in the body, making the flushing of waste materials out of the body a lot easier.

The kidneys and the liver both need sufficient amounts of water so that they can do their work well.

This is why nutrition experts recommend keeping your body properly hydrated at all times.

Although the liver may help the kidneys to filter toxins out of the body, however, it is not its primary function.

The liver is intended to be used in transforming stored fats in the body into a form of energy that it can use.

When the liver has to help the kidneys in its filtration functions, then it cannot process the fats in the body efficiently.

This is why you may be able to help your organs and your body systems by drinking sufficient amount of water every day.

So in the end, if you would like to burn more fat through a super simple means that takes literally no effort at all, be sure to include more water in your daily regimen.

How much water should you drink throughout the day?

It is recommended to add at least 64 ounces of fresh and clean drinking water daily if you want to enhance your weight loss.


Are you ready to start losing more weight while not being hungry all of the time?

Try adding any of these 4 fat burning miracle foods into your diet plan and see the weight start to drop!