6 Super Simple Tricks To Fix Your Slow Metabolism!

Fix Your Slow Metabolism

There is no doubt that most of the population who is considered obese are worried about their condition and the long term health problems that it can cause.

This is why so many of them are trying desperately to find out the ultimate answer for fixing their slow metabolism and losing their belly fat once and for all.

Why Do We Get Fat?

Research has shown that one of the major reasons for the accumulation of excess belly fat is that so many people are constantly stressed.

When stress levels rise, it induces a state of cortisol secretion in the body.

When cortisol secretion continues on, it tends to start to break down lean muscle mass that normally aids in burning calories effectively.

When muscle mass is broken down, it results in a slower metabolism and more fat storage in the lower abdominal area.

Stress also drives people into emotional eating, which is a sure way to guarantee more weight being stored around your waistline.

Is there is fix to this dilemma?

If there is one best way to combat weight gain, it is that you must start to incorporate smart lifestyle changes that can quickly and permanently reduce your belly fat once and for all.

How To Fix A Slow Metabolism

Fixing a slow metabolism starts by concentrating on doing the things that will help to increase your metabolic rate.

Here are some great ways that you can easily boost your metabolism and start shedding your belly fat fast.

1. Eat Breakfast Daily

One of the simplest things that you can do to get started is to make sure you are getting a proper breakfast each and every morning, as it is the most important meal of your day.

Research has shown that people who take the time to sit down for a proper breakfast have maintained a 30-pound (or more) weight loss for at least a year, and some as long as six years.

The key is to get your entire system accustomed to this daily habit, so you should try and eat your breakfast at the same time each day.

You should also make sure that you include high-fiber and high-protein foods in your breakfast as they help you to feel full throughout the morning and early afternoon.

On top of that, try to add vegetables, fresh fruits, peanut butter and eggs to your morning meal for the best results.

2. Take Proper Weight Loss Supplements

Adding an appetite suppressing weight loss supplement on top of your daily breakfast is a great way to maximize the hunger reducing effects that your morning meal has.

Appetite suppressing weight loss supplements can help to drastically reduce your cravings for sweets and other fattening foods that you would normally consume when you are bored or stressed out.

Be sure to look for a product that has been proven to be effective and has a good track record from customers who have actually used the product.

Experts recommend top diet pills that are synthetic in nature because they are closest in nature to actual prescription medications and therefore relatively more effective than over the counter herbal diet pills. [2]

3. Get Adequate Sleep

As stated earlier in this article, your belly fat can be controlled by decreasing the amount of stress that you experience in your life.

One way to make sure that you control your cortisol levels is to start getting the proper amount of sleep each night.

Be sure that you are getting around 6 to 7 hours and take the time to set aside at least 15 minutes in your daily routine when you just can sit and relax.

This will help to keep your mind at ease when the stress starts to creep in again and will help to keep the weight gain at bay.

4. Stay Away From Processed Foods

If you are trying to get your weight under control it is a very good idea for you to switch from refined and processed foods to whole grain alternatives.

According to the latest scientific research, people who consume more foods in their natural state like fresh fruits, vegetables and low fat unprocessed dairy products are a lot healthier and they tend to lose more weight than those who are eating processed foods.

Studies have also shown that body fat can literally start to melt away with the inclusion of whole grains in your diet.

This means avoiding products that are white such as white rice and breads made with white flour.

5. Keep Fluid Intake High

Losing weight means you need to keep yourself hydrated at all times too.

You must drink plenty of water throughout the day to help you to keep your metabolic rate high and to keep the fat flushing out.

Aim to drink at least 8 glasses of water each and every day, which makes 64 ounces in total.

If you are on the go most of the day it is recommended to carry a water bottle with you so you can keep yourself hydrated all the time.

6. Engage in Interval Training

For exercising, it is recommended to start out with an interval workout plan.

Sprints are a perfect way to create an interval training program for fat loss.

You can start jogging at a fast pace for 20 seconds and then slow down to a light jog for 30 seconds; that is an interval.

Repeat this routine for at least 10 times through for a complete workout.

This workout can be done outside at the park or indoors on a treadmill.

You can even use a stationary bike for interval training and just use the same interval outlined above.