Shopping For Over The Counter Diet Pills – What You Must Know!

Over the Counter Supplements Tips

If you are in the market for a good over the counter weight loss supplement that is effective as well as works fast, you will quickly find out that the market is virtually flooded with them.

This is why searching for which one to buy can be such a challenge.

Any manufacturer is out for one thing only and that is to push their brand so you will potentially buy.

This is why any company is going to say that their pills are the most effective and absolutely best on the market today.

Although in some instances this may be true, there is definitely the possibility that those who say so do not really know a thing about how your body works and are just looking to make a sale.

Start Your Investigation

When setting out to find the best weight loss pills that you would eventually want to buy, make sure you start out by doing a bit of investigating.

The more you know about the company which sells the pills, the better chance you have of buying a good product and not something that is just another scam.

You can start out by going online and reading as many reviews as you can about the particular products that the company sells as well as visit forums where you can read some comments about specific products.

Forums are good because most people will usually leave good honest reviews and also their contact details so you can get in touch if you have any questions.

You definitely want to be sure you are buying the real thing, so it makes sense to try and contact members who have used the product you are interested in and ask various details about their results.

This can definitely help when it comes to making a decision on which product to invest your money in.

Look Carefully At Ingredients

Another really important thing that you will want to take a close look into when buying a product is the ingredients.

It probably won’t be much of a shock to anyone but there are a lot of supplements on the market that contain ingredients that really don’t help you when it comes to losing weight.

You should make sure that the ingredients of the pills you are going to buy are like the ingredients found in Phentramin-D and are actually proven to help you in some way.

You can look them up on the web for yourself or even better, you can consult a healthcare professional such as a doctor or registered dietitian.

By seeing a professional, you can be sure that the particular product you are interested in doesn’t contain anything that might trigger an allergic reaction, in case you have one.

Remember That These Are Supplements

Whatever weight loss pills you decide to buy, you should make a not that they are there to supplement your diet and exercise routine and so you should treat them as a supplement.

So with that said, it is vital that you eat a well balanced and healthy weight loss diet that has all the proper calories and necessary nutrients that your body needs to lose weight while staying healthy.

In addition to taking your slimming pills and eating a healthy diet, you need to have a regular exercise program set up.

These three components will all contribute to a faster metabolism, meaning your body will be able to burn up more calories, which will in turn lead to shedding the weight around your belly.

Does It Need An FDA Approval?

When it comes to shopping for a weight loss product that will work, an FDA approved pill such as an appetite suppressant can seem like your best bet.

After all, with the FDA’s stamp of approval, it’s probably going to be both safe and effective.

That is true, but the truth is many of the best hunger suppressants do not require prior FDA approval.

This is because FDA approved appetite suppressants and other diet pills are prescription medications that may be too strong for most users.

There are a lot of good appetite suppressants out there that are not going to be FDA approved because the FDA doesn’t regulate over the counter supplements.

What Does It Mean To Be Approved?

The FDA requires only weight loss pills with pharmaceutical ingredients to be approved.

For example, Phentermine, which contains the active ingredient Apidex-P is FDA approved and one of the best appetite suppressant used to treat obesity.

The FDA also approved Orlistat, which has a less potent formula called Alli that is sold legally over the counter.

Alli is popular because it works to help block the fat that you ingest and has appetite suppressing qualities to it to help you control your hunger.

Over The Counter Diet Pills

All other weight loss pills that are available over the counter, including fat burners and appetite suppressants, do not have to receive prior approval from the FDA in order to be sold.

Under FDA rules, these are classified as dietary supplements that are made with non-pharmaceutical ingredients such vitamins, minerals, amino acids and herbal extracts.

So if your goal is to find an FDA approved fat burner or appetite suppressant, then you will need to speak directly with your doctor or dietitian and have them prescribe the appropriate pill that best suits your needs.

Be Careful When Shopping For A Supplement

Since over the counter supplements don’t have to pass through stringent tests to prove their effectiveness, nor are they tested for their safety, you need to be very careful when choosing a supplement.

Even though they are not regulated, the manufacturer still bears the responsibility for providing a safe product to consumers.

However, sometimes, these products do not turn out to be as safe as we want them to be.

In May 2009, the FDA cracked down on a major well known diet pill which was taken off the market after some users started to experience health problems.

Are There Any Studies To Back Up Their Effectiveness?

The first thing to do when researching a particular product is to read through the information available on the official product website.

What you are looking for is to see if the manufacturer is able to provide a sound and reasonable representation for the safety and effectiveness of the product.

Read to see if there are studies associate with their product specifically or with the ingredients that are contained in the diet pill.

Studies should clearly referenced and verifiable.

Next you want to fully understand the safety of the product by taking a close look at the list of specific ingredients in the pill and researching them individually online.

Search For Warnings And Talk To Your Doctor

Next, you can also search through the official FDA website to see if there has been any warnings or instances regarding the safely of the product.

Last but not least, check with your doctor for any suggestions and ideas on the best supplement to take for your needs.

The can offer a professional perspective, as well as warn you about ingredients that could clash with your biochemistry or the other medications you may be taking.