Over the Counter Water Pills to Lose Weight Fast!

Over The Counter Water Pill Supplements

When it comes to dealing with weight loss issues, there are different several approaches that you can take in order to solve the problem.

You can embark on an exercise program, start eating a healthier diet and take an over the counter weight loss supplement.

If you opt for the supplement route, popular diet pills that can help you to drop a few pounds quickly are diuretics.

What Are Water Pills?

Diuretics, or more commonly referred to as water pills, are gaining popularity with dieters day by day.

Many overweight people in America now prefer over the counter water pills to lose weight since they have proven to be pretty effective for short term weight loss and are also convenient.

Essentially, when one takes this type of slimming pill, the body flushes out and is forced to get rid of more water than it normally would.

This is owing to the fact that the main ingredients in the supplements are highly active and mostly include a combination of caffeine along with dandelion root.

How Are They Used?

The manner in which water pills work is quite different from other fat burners or detox pills since there are some which affect the normal functioning of the kidney while others just flush out all toxins from the body from every angle.

In the medical circle, water loss pills are normally used to reduce water retention in certain situations such as in pregnant women or people suffering from edema.

Patients undergoing chemotherapy are also prescribed these types of medications when toxins and other harmful chemicals need to be flushed out of the system.

Patients suffering from high blood pressure that is brought about as a result of water retention also take the pills to alleviate their condition.

Water Loss Pills and Dieting

Now, let’s get back to the topic of dieting. In recent times, doctors have discovered that overweight people can also take advantage of over the counter water pills to lose weight in an almost effortless manner.

According to About.com, the body is comprised of about 50-75% water. And since water has mass and most of the body is comprised of water, it means that reducing the amount of it in the body will definitely eliminate certain amount of body weight.

It’s vital to understand that excess fat will not be eliminated when taking a water pill since they have no effect on the fat deposited in the body.

Precautions and Warnings

Since much of the human body is composed of water its ill advised to reduce your water to the point of severe dehydration.

This is because the fluid is quite essential for normal body operations to take place.

So always follow the manufacturer’s directions and never overuse any type of water pill when you want to lose weight.

Dehydration may kick in which can lead to such side effects as migraines, kidney failure, and other severe complications.

When taking over the counter water pills to lose weight for a prolonged period, make sure that you increase your potassium intake as well.

And always make sure that you rest sufficiently and eat a healthier diet as well. This will help to maintain a proper heart rate and blood pressure while you are dropping water.

Never take any type of diuretic pill in the case that you suffer from some type of chronic illness, allergy or if you are taking any other type of prescription medication.

It’s best to consult your doctor before you begin taking any type of diet supplement in order to avoid any inconveniences.